Coronavirus Webinar – Reducing supply chain and B2B risk

On Friday 20 March we held a webinar addressing your business risk FAQs and how to minimise the impact to your organisation.

Whilst the impact on daily life and public health develops day by day, Coronavirus has already caused severe economic disruption across the globe. Despite responsive policy measures, when governments cannot say how long disruption is likely to last, or even when it may peak, the impact on business grows as confidence weakens and new challenges emerge. However, many macro assessments often overlook some basic day to day questions often starting with: "What should I do if…"

Our webinar addressing your FAQs - explored how to minimise the impact to your organisation arising out of supply chain disruption and B2B risk. As supply chains and critical operations have been disrupted, organisations have a limited window to assess the potential impact on their key contracts/critical suppliers and take positive steps to prepare to mitigate any damage in the short and longer term. 

We explored issues such as:

  • My supplier cannot meet its commitments, what can my organisation do? Should we terminate the contract?
  • Can our supplier raise prices?
  • My counterparty is overseas and is not engaging, what can we do?
  • How can we maintain third party confidence in the business?

If you were unable to attend, and would like to know more about what was discussed, please register for our webinar recording.