Retrofit Solutions for Social Housing

As COP 26 draws to a close this week, Brian Hitchcock, Mark Greatholder and Anna Phillips reflect on the importance of retrofit solutions for social housing:

The team here at Foot Anstey is really proud to be working alongside Energiesprong UK to co-develop practical and legal solutions for social housing akin to the Green Deal. These solutions have the potential to reduce the overall costs of retrofits for RPs and allow them to deliver even greater benefits in terms of speed and extent of roll out of retrofits across the UK including making the leap to Net Zero and, most importantly, guaranteeing minimum 'comfort standards' to tenants.

Whilst other countries have approached these challenges with the use of "warm rents", Energiesprong UK is developing similar solutions which navigate the potential pitfalls associated with rent setting, right to buy and other aspects of UK legislation.


Whilst legislative change may also open up options for retrofit and warn rent solutions in due course, we cannot wait for those changes and need to find solutions now! At Energiesprong, we have brought together technical and legal minds to address these challenges. Foot Anstey's collaborative approach to this process has been invaluable.

Jon Warren Energiesprong UK

Being at the heart of development of these innovative solutions, including liaising with RPs and their own advisors and attending events such as the Collaboration Hub (part of the Innovation Partnership with the Mayor of London and Turner Townsend) this week, has been a real pleasure and a privilege.

Anna Phillips Foot Anstey

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