Public Charge Point Regulations in force from 24 Nov: what does this mean for retailers who provide EV charging points for customers?

EV charging point

The Public Charge Point Regulations 2023 (the Regulations) detail new requirements for charge point operators in relation to their electric vehicle (EV) charge points, with the aim of improving the charging experience for consumers.

When will the Regulations apply to retailers?

The Regulations will only apply directly to retailers who own their charge points and are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the charge points.

In almost all cases, another entity will be contracted to operate the charge points on the retailer's behalf, and it will be this operator who will be responsible for compliance with the Regulations. 

What do all retailers need to consider?

Whilst from an enforcement perspective the burden to comply with the Regulations will be on the charge point operators it is worth retailers having some awareness of them. Consumers are likely to equate their charging experience in a retailer's car park with the retailer themselves therefore retailers should be mindful of the negative reputational impacts non-compliance by their charge point operator may have on their brand. 

Retailers should ensure when contracting with charge point operators that the operator is under a obligation to comply with applicable laws at the very least. To put the retailer in an even stronger position they should have obligations in the contract with the operator including KPIs and service levels that reflect the required standards set out in the Regulations with corresponding rights to terminate for breach of the relevant obligations.

Find out more about the obligations your charge point operator should be compliant with in our article: On the road to change: What do the draft Public Charge Point Regulations mean for EV operators?

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