Foot Anstey join public policy transport partnership

Foot Anstey have joined the Urban Mobility Partnership (UMP), a ground-breaking new transport partnership aimed at promoting sustainability in public policy decision-making. 

The UMP partners are united in wanting to promote urban mobility with minimal environmental impact. The Foot Anstey team bring legal insight into mobility planning and sustainable transport policy.

Foot Anstey join Stagecoach Group, Enterprise Holdings, Bosch, Nextbike and Brompton Bike Hire.

All partners believe embracing new policy ideas – including smart technology in the provision of mobility services – will improve air quality and consumers' lives.

To kick off our membership Mark Li and Suzanne Walford are attending the UMP Roundtable at the Sustain Wales Summit, Cardiff, 9 May 2019, which brings together industry and decision makers to discuss practical policy solutions including mobility credits.

Mobility and sustainable travel is a key area of focus for Foot Anstey and we are delighted to have joined the Urban Mobility Partnership. We look forward to working with our fellow partners in promoting integrated multi-modal transport policy ideas to reduce congestion and improve air quality in urban areas 

Chris Pritchett, Head of Energy