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We believe investing in managers is the key to successful culture change.

Have you promoted leaders due to their technical expertise but not yet fully invested in upskilling their people management skills?

Do you have managers who believe it’s HR’s job to deal with grievance, performance management, discipline or engagement?

Do you worry about the tone of the “banter” in certain pockets of your organisation?

Are you concerned about the increase in Employment Tribunal claims following the abolition of fees?

Do you want a culture where managers manage their teams at ground level and bring out the best in them, enhancing results across the board?

If you have answered 'yes' to any of these we would welcome an opportunity to discuss how our programmes can reduce your risk.

Foot Anstey employment programmes reduce legal claims to below 50% of the national average.

If your employee takes a claim to tribunal you will lose 90% of the time. Here's why...

The days of Human Resources (HR) teams having enough people to manage all things people-related are gone. By the time a problem reaches HR it's often too late.

'Single Claim' Employment Tribunal cases have risen by 108% in two years. In part that's because it's become easier to take an employer to court. But we've also noticed a significant increase in claims featuring harassment.

Foot Anstey has a considerable Employment practice. We've seen, across the industry, an accelerating trend of managers failing to avoid legal claims. Increased workloads play a part – but so does management not recognising what is required and expected of them.

These two realities – the rise in tribunal claims and managers not knowing their responsibilities – are linked. If a case makes it to Employment Tribunal hearing, the employer will lose 90% of the time.

Quality change programmes

Bringing your people up to speed and protecting the business are the same thing. Whatever you do to maximise staff protection will also reduce your exposure to legal claims.

Our training programmes link employment law to process and appropriate workplace behaviours - changing the culture.

Let us work with you, enabling your talent to reach their full potential.

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