Apprenticeship myths … busted!

Have you considered undertaking an apprenticeship but thought it wasn't for you? There are a few misconceptions about the scheme that we'd like to help bust this National Apprenticeship Week!

I'm not looking for a manual job, there aren't any suitable apprenticeships for me.

Wrong! There are plenty of different apprenticeships available in business admin, marketing, law and IT to name a few.

I'm not a school leaver so won't be eligible for an apprenticeship

Absolutely not! You can start an apprenticeship at any age and at any stage of your career whether it be as a school leaver, a post-grad or a career changer. You can even look to up-skill in your current role.

There won’t be a permanent job for me at the end of the apprenticeship

An apprenticeship is a fixed term contract and whilst there is no guarantee of a permanent position at the end of the contract, over 90% of apprentices remain in employment at the end of their apprenticeship or go on to further learning.

I'll have to spend one day a week at college

Not necessarily. 20% off the job training doesn't always mean sitting in a classroom undertaking formal learning. Other forms of training such as online training or shadowing colleagues can also count.

Employers will look down on an apprenticeship when compared to a university qualification

Not at all. There are many different apprenticeships which offer degrees and foundation degrees meaning you could complete your apprenticeship with the same qualification as a university graduate but with the added bonus of industry experience which will look fantastic on your CV. Oh, and of course you won't have any university debt to pay back!

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