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IPOne of the most valuable assets belonging to a business is its brand or trading name. The brand acts as a badge of origin enabling customers to rely on it to repeat their experience.

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IPEvery now and then, we are approached by a business that has received a letter from a third party threatening legal proceedings if it does not cease the use of a new brand and/or withdraw a trade mark application. Such a development obviously places the business in a real dilemma; does it continue with the new brand and risk becoming a defendant to infringement proceedings, or drop the brand and lose the investment made in developing it? It can also be very embarrassing to drop a brand after it is launched, and then there is the cost associated with destroying goods/packaging and changing marketing literature/websites.

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peopleThe employment team summarise what has happened in employment law over the last month. Following on from our previous newsflash we take a closer look at the recent EAT Uber decision which upheld the view that their drivers were workers. We also look at the Deliveroo CAC decision, which has bucked the trend for gig economy cases and found their cyclists to be self-employed. In light of sexual harassment claims being in the spotlight, we also look at steps businesses can take to protect their staff and prepare for (and deal with) allegations.  Read More...

Rachel Warren In this article, Rachel Warren, senior associate and IP specialist, looks at the latest developments with intellectual property rights (IPR) and Brexit.

Protecting your brand and Intellectual Property (IP) is an important consideration for every type and size of business and is often overlooked and with impending Brexit, now is the time to consider your options.

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In this month's bulletin we summarise what has happened in employment law over the last month. We also take a closer look at recent cases that have considered the extent to which employers can monitor their staff's e mails and IT usage and, with World Mental Health Day having been this month, we also look at guidance on managing mental health in the workplace. Read More...

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Mark Rhys Joneswenn christopherBy Mark Rhys-Jones, partner and Christopher Wenn, associate in our dispute resolution team.

A recent Commercial Court ruling by Males J in Bank Mellat v HM Treasury demonstrates the willingness of the courts to adopt a flexible and cost-effective approach to disclosure, through the use of sampling.

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Richards StevenSteven Richards, Partner, Dispute Resolution looks at 6 ways to preserve your organisations confidentiality when facing legal action:

Going to Court is often viewed as a public affair.

And it's not just the fact that it is normally open to anyone to attend a trial. It is possible for third parties to obtain copies of documents that are held on the Court files, some with the Court's permission (eg witness statements) and others simply on request (eg the statements of case or a judgment or order).

peopleIn this month's bulletin we summarise what has happened in employment law over the summer months in our regular in brief article.  In addition, we summarise the recent decision around voluntary overtime, we look at some FAQs and practical consequences that have flowed from the Supreme Court's surprise decision rendering tribunal fees unlawful, and we also look at the Government's proposals for changes to corporate governance for large businesses.. Read More...

Jess Pitt introAs a family lawyer based in the South West of England a significant proportion of my client base comes from the farming and rural business sector. Working with colleagues from across the practice groups, we do all we can to help our clients preserve and grow their businesses (which is particularly important given the potentially seismic changes facing the industry in a post-Brexit environment).

Within the context of a relationship breakdown, the dynamic when a family all live and work together can bring unique challenges.

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Mohammad FaraThe Islamic finance industry has to date witnessed consistent and considerable growth of around 10-15% a year with assets currently estimated at around US$2 trillion. Continued demand and government support have nurtured the industry allowing it to surpass the annual growth of its conventional counterparts.