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Over the last week, there's been a bit of an uproar in the High Court concerning reporting restrictions ... allow me to set the scene:

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At a conference held by the FCA at the end of last year, director of investigations Jamie Symington made it clear the regulator is comfortable making purposeful examples of people and firms in their enforcement work.

In particular he referred to the personal fine on three directors of Swinton Group in relation to sales tactics. He mentioned repeat offences and non-cooperation as issues being considered in other cases. Will this approach give rise to an increase in attestations?

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What could be more important in a contract than price? And what, therefore, could be more important in the decision to award a public contract? Often, the answer is, "nothing".

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This week's column is dedicated to a whistle stop tour of a little-known reporting restriction, which protects teachers from being identified when an allegation is made against them by a pupil. The restriction is contained in S.13 of the Education Act 2011.

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