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Whilst the political landscape remains uncertain, there are practical, common-sense steps which businesses can take now to protect themselves and understand the risks they might face.

skjwThe recent Court of Appeal decision in Shirley has confirmed that although still a material consideration, the Air Quality Directive does not itself specify that planning decisions must be determined in a particular way or by a particular body. Suzanne Walford, Associate in the Planning team provides further insight.

cn1The BIG MAC is one of the most famous burgers in the world. No doubt most readers of this article will have eaten, at least, one! Indeed, one of our partners even worked for McDonalds as a student for many years and made thousands of them. Charlene Nelson, Chartered Trade Mark Attorney in the Intellectual Property team provides further insight.

tw5One of the issues being considered by right holders is whether or not third parties, such as Amazon, can be liable for merely storing and delivering goods that infringe their rights. Tom Wilkin, solicitor in the Commercial Litigation team provides further insight.

JEBFor many people the cost of paying for a divorce can be their primary concern. If they are not the main earner this can be even more frightening than worries about meeting their day to day costs. Whilst there may be money available to fund the divorce, this capital can be in the name of their partner or tied up in property or illiquid assets (such as shares or pension funds) leaving less cash in the bank for legal expense and basic living costs while your divorce goes through.

So, what do divorcees need to know about paying for their divorce and which options are open to them? Jill Bruce, senior associate in the Family Law team explains the important facts.



Prenuptial agreements are an increasingly popular option for UK couples. Whilst no one enters a marriage expecting to separate, with 101,000 divorces in the UK last year, more and more pragmatic spouses are choosing to enter prenuptial agreements (sometimes known as 'prenups').

In doing so, they hope to reduce the risk of an acrimonious or protracted divorce should they ever separate. But what is a 'prenup' and why would you need one?

In this article, partner and specialist family law solicitor Jessica Pitt explains the important facts about prenuptial agreeements - or 'prenups' as they are sometimes known.


In the latest in a long line of worker status claims emerging from the "gig economy" the Employment Appeal Tribunal has upheld a decision which found that Addison Lee drivers were workers despite being labelled as independent contractors in documentation. In doing so the EAT confirmed that tribunals are entitled to use a "realistic and worldly wise" approach to determine employment status where it is alleged that the contract is not an accurate reflection of actual practice.

Kevin Lau, associate in our employment team, summarises the key issues in the case and the points to take away.

ew3This week is Trustees Week and an opportunity to highlight the fantastic work done by charity trustees.

Our specialist charity Legacies team works closely with many charity trustees and legacy officers to administer and maximise gifts left to charity in a will or trust. Elizabeth Ware, Chartered Legal Executive, discusses our top ten tips for charity trustees administering a gift. 

JAFFA TonyImagine a commercial rival, enraged by your success, telling anyone who'll listen that you'd broken the law to get where you are, that you knew you were unscrupulous – and you didn't care one tiny bit.

Unsatisfied with painting your name black to his personal network, he heads online and makes the same baseless allegations on message boards. Then the row, along with all its gruesome allegations, gets viral.

Extreme? Yes, perhaps. But scarcely unheard of in this age of social media.

Tony Jaffa, partner and reputation management specialist, considers what legal options are available when your individual or business reputation comes under threat. 

almjc24 1Over the last decade there has been a steady increase in the number of conditions imposed on planning permissions by local planning authorities. In particular, the number of pre-commencement conditions has also increased. These conditions require details to be submitted for approval or certain works to be undertaken before development authorised by the planning permission can commence. Alex McKerron and James Clark from our specialist Planning team look at this issue and new regulations that have come into force.

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