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COX PaulPaul Cox, partner and head of our intellectual property team gives 10 issues to consider to protect their intellectual property rights in China.

Oscar Wilde once said that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" and similar sayings are often repeated in China. One such saying comes from Shanghai which is that "we can copy everything except your mother".  

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PARKES Neiljennifer agate

Recent months have seen online platforms under pressure seemingly like never before in regards to how they deal with illegal content featured on their platforms.

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Michelle Seddon webIn this article Michelle Seddon, senior associate in our private wealth team looks at how gifting can assist with Inheritance Tax liabilities on estates.

At this festive time of year, it should be noted that there is generally no Inheritance Tax to pay on small gifts you make out of your normal income. This, of course, can include gifts you may wish to make for Christmas or birthday presents, and they are known as ‘exempted gifts’ for the purposes of Inheritance Tax.

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We have produced a number of intellectual property guides for clients including trade mark watch service, trade mark availability searches, the advantages of registering a trade mark, issues to consider in China and a customs guide.

IPIf a business does not have registered trade mark protection for its core brands, it risks being unable to prevent third parties from adopting an identical or similar brand. This is therefore a very important issue to consider carefully.

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IPOne of the most valuable assets belonging to a business is its brand or trading name. The brand acts as a badge of origin enabling customers to rely on it to repeat their experience.

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IPEvery now and then, we are approached by a business that has received a letter from a third party threatening legal proceedings if it does not cease the use of a new brand and/or withdraw a trade mark application. Such a development obviously places the business in a real dilemma; does it continue with the new brand and risk becoming a defendant to infringement proceedings, or drop the brand and lose the investment made in developing it? It can also be very embarrassing to drop a brand after it is launched, and then there is the cost associated with destroying goods/packaging and changing marketing literature/websites.

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peopleThe employment team summarise what has happened in employment law over the last month. Following on from our previous newsflash we take a closer look at the recent EAT Uber decision which upheld the view that their drivers were workers. We also look at the Deliveroo CAC decision, which has bucked the trend for gig economy cases and found their cyclists to be self-employed. In light of sexual harassment claims being in the spotlight, we also look at steps businesses can take to protect their staff and prepare for (and deal with) allegations.  Read More...

Rachel Warren In this article, Rachel Warren, senior associate and IP specialist, looks at the latest developments with intellectual property rights (IPR) and Brexit.

Protecting your brand and Intellectual Property (IP) is an important consideration for every type and size of business and is often overlooked and with impending Brexit, now is the time to consider your options.

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woolf joelJoel Woolf, partner and head of our agriculture and rural business team, looks at one of the consequences Brexit could bring for agriculture businesses and how to take advantage of the opportunities.

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