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The Senior Managers and Certification Regime (the SMCR) introduces a set of basic, high level rules which will apply to almost every individual who works within a financial services firm. Laura Autiero, associate, explains this in further detail.

rw2Clients often enquire, when seeking to resolve an IP infringement case, how they can ensure that a defendant complies with the settlement terms. In some cases the claimant will not trust the defendant to do so especially if there has been some form of concealment or deceit. Rachel Pearse, Senior Associate provides further insight.

cn1McDonald's has been in dispute with Supermac's, the largest Irish owned fast food restaurant in the Republic of Ireland, for a while now. Charlene Nelson, Chartered Trade Mark Attorney provides further insight.

PARKES Neil 3 x 3PERCIVAL Lily 3x3The High Court has recently granted a website-blocking injunction to the video game and console manufacturer behind the Wii and Switch devices and games such as Mario Brothers and Mario Cart. Neil Parkes, Partner, and Lily Percival, Trainee Solicitor, provide further insight.

Chant Natalie 3x3COX PaulsmallBrands with a strong reputation in the UK enjoy broader rights than those which do not. Natalie Chant, Solicitor and Paul Cox, Partner provide further insight.

JOBANPUTRA Chandni 3x3COX PaulsmallIn a recent decision in AMS Neve Ltd & Another v Heritage Audio SL & Another, the Court of Justice for the EU (CJEU) confirmed that a Spanish website operator targeting customers in the UK could be sued in the UK because that is where the operator had advertised or made offers for sale. Chandni Jobanputra, Associate and Paul Cox, Partner provide further insight.

New Kate24324706 1Some commentators were worried that the Supreme Court's findings in S Franses Ltd v The Cavendish Hotel (London) Ltd [2018] could render obsolete a landlord's ability to use ground (f) to oppose a lease renewal on the grounds of redevelopment. However, rather than killing off ground (f), the first judgment since Franses has not seen ground (f) derailed.

rw2We are a nation of food lovers, but how many of us fully appreciate the intellectual property and innovation involved in the process from field to fork? The food industry is a complex matrix combining agriculture, food processing, food packaging, storage and distribution and retail. Rachel Pearse, Senior Associate provides further insight.

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It is important that your internal policies and procedures are updated to incorporate the Senior Managers & Certification Regime (the SMCR). Depending on the scale and complexity of your organisation, this could be a significant task. Laura Autiero, associate, provides further insight.