A malicious attack on your personal or professional standing can strike out of nowhere, with devastating results. False accusations can spread like wildfire – through internet leaks, social media, the press or television.

Lives can be wrecked, businesses ruined. And the reputation you’ve spent a lifetime building up can easily come crashing down. Your response must be swift, decisive, convincing and – above all – expertly advised.

Your best protection is to be pro-active

Don’t wait for the worst to happen. By then, it may be too late. We can help you put systems in place now to give you a safeguarding shield. This will help you to be more alert to potential threats, and give you clear lines of communication for any responsibility or public position that you might need to defend. With over 25 years’ experience in the complex field of reputational management, our highly specialised team can help you navigate complex issues such as:

  • Communication with stakeholders
  • Legal aspects of press releases
  • Online reputation management
  • Management of adverse publicity
  • Removal of defamatory comments
  • Libel, breach of privacy, breach of Data Protection Act
  • Misuse of computers and confidential information
  • All legal aspects of online harassment
  • Liaison with police and obtaining injunctions

Meeting the challenge with teamwork and technology

With Foot Anstey, you benefit from a dedicated team of legal specialists who understand how social media and other platforms can be abused – and how to fight back. We also work hand in hand with technical experts who can identify and track down offenders. Together, we can protect your hard-won reputation and manage any crisis.