Team Moves and Confidential Information

Whilst contractual provisions which operate in restraint of trade are unlawful, every business has legitimate interests to protect and often seeks to do so by the use of specific restrictive covenants. The question of what is and what is not enforceable in the context of restraining departing employees is one which is frequently debated and argued over. 

This is an area of concern for all businesses but particularly so in the media industry due to the mobility of the workforce, the fact that many businesses are client-focused, the creativeness of the individual employees involved and the large number of competing businesses which emerge as spin-offs of established companies. Related issues over preventing the mis-use of confidential information and trade secrets are of equal concern. 

We have extensive knowledge and experience of helping businesses when such issues arise, whether you are dealing with an en masse resignation of employees, a senior executive departure or a new business engaged in recruiting new management and workforce. 

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