Specialists in civil fraud, white collar crime and regulatory investigations

Fraud is big business.

It costs the UK economy an estimated £100+ billion per year. And whilst it can take many forms, fraud almost always involves attempts to steal assets or dishonestly gain financial advantage over someone else.

A business or person faced with fraud must deal with any number of commercial, legal and reputational issues. Our multi-disciplinary team of fraud lawyers provides a comprehensive and responsive service to help you navigate the way forward.

Time is of the essence in many fraud cases, so where necessary we take swift and decisive action to secure your position and maximise your chances of recovering stolen money or data.

We have extensive experience in pursuing and defending allegations of fraud and serious misconduct through both the civil and criminal legal process.

Our expertise in regulatory and disciplinary inquiries means we can also advise you if you've been caught up in alleged wrongdoing and face an investigation.

We understand the emotive and disruptive nature of fraud and approach this with pragmatic solutions, avoiding formal claims or prosecutions where possible to keep you out of the spotlight. We always weigh up the costs, risks and merits before advising you on the best strategy, guided at all times by your commercial and reputational needs.

We act in partnership with our clients and can consider fixed and conditional fee arrangements to manage cash flow and the cost risks associated with fraud claims and investigations.

Our Services

Our key services include:

  • Conducting discrete internal investigations into suspected fraudulent activity
  • Pursuing civil claims against fraudulent employees, cyber criminals and dishonest business or trading partners
  • Obtaining urgent civil injunctions - such as freezing orders, search orders and disclosure orders – to protect and preserve assets and information
  • Tracing and recovering stolen assets - both in the UK and abroad
  • Working closely with our clients and, where necessary, the media in order to minimise the potential reputational harm that can result from fraud
  • Acting for high net worth individuals faced with criminal fraud investigations or prosecution
  • Responding to FCA and other regulatory enquiries and investigations against clients that have been involved or caught up in fraudulent behaviour.
  • Conducting private prosecutions in the criminal courts on behalf of individuals and businesses.


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