Food and drink businesses face many issues which range from the intricacies (and idiosyncrasies) of regulation, to licensing and beyond.

Foot Anstey's pool of expertise spans all of the diverse legal requirements within the sector, enabling us to offer the full range of advice that is relevant to the needs of your business. This includes both contentious and non-contentious issues unique to food and drink, as well as matters outside of the core area of business - including assisting with renewables projects, development, licensing and gambling.

In a competitive market place, brand protection and development play an increasingly important role in the success of a business. However, funding an expansion is now much more difficult than it used to be - businesses need to be smarter and look for alternatives to seeking debt funding with a bank. To this end, we help our clients with private equity deals, as well as the more traditional forms of funding.

Our expertise in the sector and in the related areas of agriculture, retail and leisure, waste, renewables and transport is a powerful combination that we can apply in order to deliver relevant insight and sound commercial advice.