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Financial Services Dispute Resolution

The delivery of financial and investment advice falls under increased scrutiny with each anti-cyclical economic period that comes to pass. As a result, stresses are occurring at each stage of the supply chain between investors, advisers, product providers, regulated firms, networks, and regulators and insurers. We expect the tensions between how risk is allocated in the market place to continue in the short and medium term.

We understand the variety of different priorities and perspectives of the different parties operating in the financial services, and tailor our approach accordingly.

Most of our clients are networks, firms, advisers or private investors. Our expertise extends to group actions, advising on the departure and acquisition of advisers, judicial review of the Financial Ombudsman Service, defending allegations of mis-selling and managing substantial claims arising out of poor investment advice.

Our expertise in such a highly regulated sector without London overheads represents unparalleled value for money.

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