Disputes within a business arise for a multitude of reasons. Often they come completely out of the blue after many years of harmony and success. They can arise because of a breakdown in personal relationships between directors, because one party disagrees with a proposed new direction for the business during difficult economic conditions or because of concern over the conduct of a specific officer or shareholder.

Whilst the reasons are numerous, the one constant is that all such disputes have the potential to be highly charged and disruptive to the business moving forward. In all cases we strive to offer sensible commercial advice throughout with a view to getting the business back on track and where possible, avoiding protracted litigation.

Our team has wide experience in this field and advises regularly on issues such as unfair prejudice and minority shareholder claims, breaches of restrictive covenants (see Team Moves and Confidential Information), the removal of shareholders and directors, deadlocked boards and directors acting in breach of their fiduciary duties.

Our team also advises on partnerships disputes (including in the context of LLPs) and has substantive expertise dealing with allegations regarding breaches of partnership duties, asset disputes, termination and expulsion issues and winding up.


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