In a fiercely competitive global marketplace with complicated supply chains it is unavoidable that businesses will encounter disputes with their suppliers, competitors and customers.

Disputes also frequently arise following the sale of a business over the extent of warranties provided or other key contractual terms in the sale documents.

Or your business may be threatened by a team walk-out or a competitor using information that is highly valuable and confidential to you (see Team Moves and Confidential Information).

We can help in all of these situations. Our dedicated team has a proven track-record of delivering cost effective advice on all contractual issues on both a single and multi-jurisdictional basis.

We will not just give you advice and a list of options; we will also give you our recommendation around a particular direction that is aligned with your objectives. In most cases we view litigation as a last resort and our aim is to find an efficient resolution which is in the best interests of the business.

We do not only deal with disputes. We can help you with all aspects of contract management for example with advice on when breaching a contract might be the best option or explaining to you why and how giving notice might not be as simple as it sounds.


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