Client Testimonials

"Oh wow.... well done. This is  truly an achievement.  Thank you so much for what you have done Steven [Richards] and later Vikki [Jehu]…….I am very grateful to you Steven for taking the matter on as you did and for seeing it through as you have done. A very big thank you." Media and Technology Sector Client

"Anna [Phillips], I really am very grateful to you for this - an outstanding achievement and I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) the first of its kind? Thank you, thank you, thank you for having the idea in the first place, the passion, determination and indeed the conviction to see this through. It has been a real pleasure working with you through this and I am delighted for the future of TAH that the mater has now completed."

"Thank you very much for your work on this matter – we’re very happy with the outcome. With regards to feedback, really its all positive. You guys have always been quick to respond, clear in your explanations and held our hands when we panicked."  

"Dear Anna….. Thank you so much for all your hard work and for managing to get the payment finally sorted. It has been a pleasure and a comfort having you on my side."

 "We have found Foot Anstey to be intellectually rigorous, commercial, creative, have a keen eye for detail, and be reasonably priced.  They have proved themselves to be flexible, sensitive and have no short supply of enthusiasm to understand our business and the new industry that we are building."

 "Dickon…It has been a delight working with you and I will happily recommend Foot Anstey to clients and colleagues."

 "Susan…..I’d also like to thank you and Steven for your work and advice. It’s cost effective, professional and we’re grateful for it."

"I think I speak for everyone in the team when I say that working with Foot Anstey has been an incredibly positive experience over the last few years. Sian and the team have worked extremely hard on some very challenging cases for us and I do hope we will be able to work together again in the future in some capacity".

"Thank you Steven for your compliments . I am only too happy to return them. What a contrast you and Will were to the other side. It follows we would be only too happy to work with your firm again."

"...I would also particularly like to thank you for the impeccable and professional way you have handled my case. Please also pass on my thanks to Steven Richards...I consider myself very lucky. This is in no small part due to your professional and diligent work throughout. I will have no hesitation in recommending Foot & Anstey to anyone who requires such legal expertise in future. I can now put this whole sorry episode behind me and move on with my life in retirement."

"…thank you so so much for our fabulous IP training this week. You made something that could have been very dry, very entertaining and as such it really made a big impact on the team. They all said how much they really enjoyed it when they got back and it clarified a lot.  It was a real case of going above and beyond and it really is very much appreciated."

"A short but sincere word of thanks to you all for the support offered, in both your professional and personal capacities… the results you have achieved during these past 4 days, regardless of the final outcome, has been most encouraging."

"…thank you for all of the assistance you have given us over the past year. It has been a genuine pleasure working with Foot Anstey…"

"I wanted to thank you for your hard work and commitment to this case, without which we would not have achieved what we have. Finally, I wanted to thank you for being great people to work with…this has been a real team effort…."  

"On the occasion Foot Anstey provided us with legal advice we were pleased with the results. What impressed us was the way in which the lawyers advising us listened carefully to understand exactly what we needed from them and then advised us quickly and without fuss. The willingness to work around our timeframe and the reasonable level of fees charged were also very impressive."  

"I was very pleased with the service that Foot Anstey provided. The team were excellent. I would recommend your company without a second thought."

"This is an awesome result – I'm happy with this – many thanks for your help."

"Thank you for... all of your help on this case, a really satisfying result in the end where everybody can rightly feel that they have played a large part in getting to this settlement... Brilliant result!"

"The team is very good at smoothing out situations and they always tailor their training sessions to our needs."

"The advice we get is jargon-free, and so very clear; Foot Anstey lays out our options and doesn't sit on the fence."

"We have been legally represented by Foot Anstey for nearly 20 years for one very good reason –TRUST: our business operates in a fast moving and challenging environment and we must have confidence in the legal advice that we are given. We need this quickly and concisely as time pressures and deadlines are always upon us. Without fail, professional advice is always delivered by Tony Jaffa in the Foot Anstey Media and Publishing team in whom we trust unreservedly."