16139953 1We advise growth companies, venture capital funds, high net worth angels and corporate investors / buyers on all aspects of early to late stage funding rounds and exits.  We offer City style expertise with the benefit of a regional pricing structure.

It is that experience and understanding of the industry that allows us to create bespoke deal structures that protect the interests of our clients while avoiding over-complication. 

At the moment, for private investors and early stage ventures, that often involves working with the SEIS and EIS.Our lawyers are passionate about new ideas and entrepreneurship. We know how venture finance works and our tactics and advice stay up to date while the industry continues to evolve at pace. We know how to tailor our advice for different kinds of clients depending on the size of the investment, the speed at which the investee company would like to grow and the tax position sought after by the investors from the BVCA standard.


Standing behind the venture capital team is a full service law firm capable of handling a wide spectrum of legal issues for both investee companies and their investors.


Comment on Equity Crowdfunding - April 2015


Our focus is on fast growth, high potential companies that are normally in and around the following sectors:

  • E-commerce

  • Gaming

  • Fashion

  • FinTech

  • Digital Media

  • Clean Tech

  • Real Estate

  • Ad/MarTech

  • Software / IT

  • Big Data

  • E-Eduction

  • Energy Analytics


Where we act for the company, we aim to be there through the funding cycle and grow our relationship with the founders at the same time as their business develops. Many of our company clients have been with us right through their trading history, starting with incorporation. Where we can develop that kind of relationship, we can be flexible around fee structures in a way that most City competitors are unable to match.


When acting for investors and funds, we know that there are key protections and provisions that need to be in place or the deal is off, but we also know that we need to be creative and responsive so as to provide tailored, bespoke, solutions on a cost effective basis.

If we are needed to help with a series of investments, for instance, but the investor does not necessarily want to pay for the documents for every deal to be drafted from scratch, we can provide template documents tailored for the investor’s requirements.


The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme and the Enterprise Investment Scheme are – for the time being – helping to drive investment by high net worths and angels (with UK income and capital gains tax liabilities) into new business ventures. Where we are advising on tax, our team are experts at structuring deals designed to facilitate these kinds of tax efficient investments and the team are also equally happy to diligence structures created by third parties.


We know how deals are done, what terms count as ‘market’ and who is doing deals where and when. Sometimes we are active in making the introductions that put those deals together.  Very often we have founders coming to us asking for our opinion regarding a strategic exit.

We have established relationships with funds (positioning themselves at differing points in the funding cycle), serial investor/founders, accelerators and incubators (particularly in London and the South West) and of course with our portfolio of company clients.



Start Ups

Growth Companies

Advising angels and angel syndicates

Advising VC funds

Company incorporation and set up

Deal structuring and advice on term  sheets

Legal due diligence

Legal due diligence

Deal structuring and advice on term sheets

Series A to E+ funding rounds

Advice on term sheets

Series A to E+ funding rounds

Friends and family funding rounds

EMI option schemes

Equity documents (and convertible debt)

Template documents for portfolio investment

University spin outs

Trade sales/exits

Drafting template documents for multiple investment rounds

as regards representing portfolio companies

Advice re the SEIS and EIS tax schemes

Corporate governance and company secretarial services

Personal tax advice

Advising overseas investors on in-bound VC investment

Introduction to our digital media, IP and technology specialists

Personal tax advice for the founders

Introductions to our growth company portfolio

Introductions to our VC network

Founder exit strategies

NED appointments


Specialist advice from our full service law firm – IP, property, tax etc




"I have been delighted by the quality of people, responsiveness and service we have received. Foot Anstey is an ambitious firm who has shown great support in our growth and has played a significant role in establishing our business". Rory Kindlon, Intelligent Optimisations

"One thing that really sets Foot Anstey aside is their passion for the early-stage technology sector. I have found them to be much more than just great lawyers, and have enjoyed several high quality introductions to excellent investment opportunities as a result of this approach." Matthew Penneycard, Head of Downing Ventures 


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