Clinical Negligence


£2million damages for couple following ‘Wrongful Birth’ claim.

Mr and Mrs H received damages of £2,000,000, after their son was born with spina bifida. Mrs H had undergone a foetal anomaly scan at 20 weeks during which the neural tube defect was not identified. Whilst liability was admitted, there were significant disputes in relation to the quantification of the claim. Their son now requires constant care and attention, and will continue to for the rest of his life.


Post hysterectomy injuries lead to £620,000 compensation.

A 46-year-old lady received £620,000 in compensation for injuries, including PTSD, following a hysterectomy performed in November 2006. She also suffered damage to her bowel necessitating a temporary colostomy. She had been a non-clinical partner in a successful GP practice however was not able to return to this employment.


Birth injury child receives £2.75m.

A 12-year-old boy received damages of £2,750,000 for injuries caused by the delay in diagnosis and treatment of jaundice. Following his premature birth he was being monitored in a special care baby unit when, at seven days old, he became jaundiced but received substandard management of his condition.

The substandard treatment resulted in his suffering from a specific type of brain injury (kernicterus) and Cerebral Palsy. Due to his conditions he now requires full-time care for life.