Student Matters

We have advised on a range of student matters from different institutions including; failure to educate claims, drug mis-use and parent contracts, feeder school claims, safeguarding issues, pension queries and enrolment challenges. The range of matters means the team needs to be knowledgeable and responsive giving accurate and practical advice to clients to suit their particular circumstances.


Acting as trust partners

Foot Anstey has become a trust partner to two schools; a primary school in Plymouth and a secondary school in Cornwall. We have committed to being active trust partners for the two schools, Oreston Community Primary School and Camelford Secondary School. They are different types of schools, accentuating our commitment across the sector.



Foot Anstey acted for over 10% of the first wave of new Academies that converted on 1 September 2010. This included secondary and primary schools, such as Ivybridge Academy (Secondary), and Broadclyst Academy (Primary).

By August 2011, we had assisted over 50% of all schools converting to academies across Somerset, Devon and Cornwall and 5% of converting schools nationally. These have included technology colleges, community, trust, foundation, voluntary aided, voluntary controlled, PFI, federated and selective schools, either converting independently, as collaborative partnerships, under 'umbrella trust' arrangements, as academy chains or seeking to join existing academy chains. 

The depth and breadth of our experience means we can tailor our advice to the needs of a school rather than providing generic advice.

We are able to assist at any stage of the Academy process, so whether you are simply considering what Academy status might mean for your school or you have just converted to an Academy and want a helping hand through your first year, we have a package designed to suit you.