Reputation Management

A threat to a charity’s reputation or standing can strike out of nowhere, with devastating results. False accusations or misconceptions can spread like wildfire – especially through internet leaks and social media.

Your response must be swift, decisive and convincing, so that the reputation which the charity has built over the long term does not come crashing down in days.

Your best protection is to be pro-active

Don’t wait for the worst to happen. By then, it may be too late. We can help you put systems in place now to give your charity a safeguarding shield. This will help you to be more alert to potential threats, and give you clear lines of communication should you need to defend your charity’s reputation.

With over 25 years’ experience in the complex field of reputational management, our highly specialised team can help a charity navigate complex issues such as:

  • Communication with supporters/funders
  • Legal considerations for press releases
  • Online reputation management
  • Management of adverse publicity
  • Removal of defamatory comments
  • Libel, breach of privacy, breach of Data Protection Act
  • Misuse of computers and confidential information
  • All legal aspects of online harassment
  • Liaising with police and obtaining injunctions

Meeting the challenge with teamwork and technology

You will benefit from a dedicated team of legal specialists who understand how social media and other platforms can be abused – and how to fight back. We also work hand in hand with technical experts who can identify and track down offenders. Together, we can protect your hard-won reputation and manage any crisis.

Our recent work includes:

  • Advised a sports charity when the BBC investigated following the conviction of one of its senior members of sexual offences, from which it emerged with its reputation intact.
  • Advised a large global aid charity when the BBC investigated false accusations made by a disgruntled former executive, from which it emerged with its reputation intact.
  • Assisted a charitable school when members of staff were arrested on suspicion of serious criminal offences.
  • Advised a charity in relation to a complaint about an article in its fundraising publication. The complaint was resolved quickly and amicably, with no reputational damage.
  • Advised a charity in relation to untrue allegations which were being made against it by a self-appointed charity watchdog.
  • Assisted a charity in investigating an alleged data protection breach. The issues also involved consideration of the steps that should be taken in order to protect the charity's reputation.

"Tony Jaffa is constantly looking for ways in which he can make us better equipped to avoid problems in the first place" Chambers 2013

"The team is excellent, empathetic, quick and reliable" Legal 500 2011





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