Dartington Hall Trust

Dartington Hall Trust is an internationally recognised charity working to advance the arts, social justice and sustainability, operating from a 1,200 acre estate. The Trust also operates substantial retail, conferencing and accommodation businesses, the profits from which support its charitable aims. The Trust has been a client for over 10 years and we have provided a wide range of legal services to their senior management team over this period.

Our charity experts have recently completed a substantial revision to the charity's governing document, and those of its trading subsidiaries (including changes to the charity's objects) to take advantage of latest company law. We worked alongside the Trust's accountants to simplify the structure of the charity's group, helped establish a new charity to enable part of the Trust to operate independently, advised on legal issues relating to the charity financing one of its trading subsidiaries, and also on the structuring of property development proposals including the innovative, 'Abundant Life' project. 

Tags: Charities

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