Personal Injury

Personal Injury

£140,000 damages for asbestos related death

A 73-year-old widow has received £139,588 following the death of her husband. He was employed in the dockyard from 1956-1979 and continually exposed to asbestos at work.

In September 2004, the woman's husband began to suffer severe back and pelvic pain. Investigations revealed that he had carcinoma of the lung which had spread to his chest wall and pelvic region. He was offered palliative care but unfortunately died shortly after this offer. At an inquest, the coroner found that the cause of death was industrial disease. Despite the fact that a reduction was made on account of the fact that the deceased had been a cigarette smoker, his widow nevertheless received in excess of £139,000.

Personal Injury

£825,000 after passenger suffers brain injury

Damages of £825,000 were paid to a young man who sustained a serious brain injury while travelling as a passenger in his friend's car when he was just 16. His friend lost control of the vehicle and collided with a tree. The young man suffered a severe head injury as well as multiple rib fractures, a broken arm, bruised lungs and bilateral pneumothorax. He then developed epilepsy two years post-accident, and was left with severe memory and concentration difficulties.

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