Planning law is the gateway to property development.

It’s the vital first step for building projects large and small.

But the planning and consenting systems are not easy to navigate. Decades of tinkering in law, policy and regulation have created a machine which may seem confusing or even contradictory to outside observers.

To make it work for you, you need to make sense of the mechanics and components – strategic policies, environmental considerations and regulations, national guidance, Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects in the infrastructure and energy sectors.  And then there’s affordable housing, mixed use and commercial developments, listed buildings, Section 106 agreements, appeals, novel consenting regimes such as local development orders, the compulsory purchase process and judicial reviews to name just a few.

You also need to understand planning and environmental issues when managing and disposing of the asset, and how they might affect joint ventures, development finance and refinancing. And that’s before you even consider how intensely political the planning regime has become.

Why choose Foot Anstey

Seemingly sensible goals – building the homes the country needs, modernising infrastructure and supporting businesses to thrive – invariably come into conflict with the need to preserve the environment, culture and heritage, as well as the needs of lenders and other stakeholders.

Working with our colleagues across practice areas, and experienced professional consultants, we use our years of experience engaging with all aspects of the planning and consenting systems to seek out answers which work for you. That means we put in the effort to really understand your objectives as well as the motivations of the people who make planning and consenting decisions, while applying the right blend of legal knowledge and political nous and getting creative to solve old problems in new ways.

Although planning law and consenting regimes can be a minefield, that’s fine because we’re used to navigating through them – day in, day out.

And this is where our lawyers shine. Because we will not be timid when it comes to fighting your corner.

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When you’re ready to move, our team is ready to back you.

Our people

As a team of solicitors specialising in planning law, we have over a hundred years of experience in this field between us. Industry media recognises us as innovators in our field and you can often read about us in the press.

You can read more about our experience in UK planning law on our individual profiles: