Real Estate Finance

Real Estate Finance matters are all about facilitating a deal that has already been done rather than trying to reshape it and/or “score points”.

Being commercially minded and advising accordingly is the key. No-one wants a lawyer who identifies an academic problem that does not cause an issue in reality. Similarly, clients ought to be advised how best to proceed in order to protect their interests and move ahead, rather than not being given guidance and left to make up their own minds.

We have a dedicated team of lawyers who specialise in Real Estate Finance matters who importantly keep a close eye on generally acceptable trends in the marketplace so that commercial and timely advice can be given.

Why choose Foot Anstey

Most law firms will profess to be capable in Real Estate Finance and the truth is there is no magic to dealing, in the sub-£2m market at least. However, we are different to most in that we are specialists who also have a deep understanding of the sector which allows us to know the positions that borrowers, lenders and lenders’ credit teams are likely to take on different matters. This enables us to move quickly and with the minimum of fuss, facilitating a matter through to completion.

Our size, being one of the largest real estate law firms in the South and South West of England, means we can draw upon other expert lawyers including those working exclusively in teams devoted to banking, planning, construction and environmental regulation.

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Whether or not your company has an in-house legal function, running a business today presents many complex challenges. 

We think it’s important that we genuinely get to know our clients businesses – that’s how we can deliver value that goes beyond just the monetary.

Our people

The property team focusing on Real Estate Finance is headed by Legal Director David Fanchi who has over 19 years’ experience servicing the Real Estate Finance sector with a bias towards acting for lenders either solely or, where permitted by regulation, jointly with borrowers. David has acted on matters involving lending of over £150m, unusual structures including offshore work and more specialist borrowers such as pension funds and charities as well as numerous more “vanilla” lending matters.