Development Projects

The decisions we make about land are more important than ever.

Demand for housing, infrastructure and commercial space is growing – and developers, policymakers and investors need to respond. At the same time, landowners are looking at maximising the return from it.

The landscape is also radically changing with innovation ranging from connected and smart developments, modern and sustainable methods of construction to renewable energy solutions being adopted to meet the challenges of the present but also the future.

It all comes down to an essential ambition – getting the best value out of the space available. Our job is to make that happen.

Why choose Foot Anstey

We can support you at every stage in the lifecycle of a development project, from planning, funding and structuring, through to land assembly, site management and infrastructure, and on to promotion, disposals and ongoing use.

Fundamentally, we understand that development projects can become complicated but our experienced team will help you to stay on schedule and work with you to drive the project forward to ensure your objectives are met.

By embedding ourselves in our clients’ projects and building a strong personal relationship with you, we can advise you more effectively, drawing on the expertise of our whole team, ranging from planners and property litigators to corporate and commercial lawyers.

Related services

Energy & Infrastructure

The UK’s Energy requirements are high on the government’s agenda, with policy under constant review making for a continuously transitioning market.

We are heavily immersed in the sector and involved with conversations at a policy level, ensuring we stay ahead of market trends and enabling us to always look at the bigger picture to provide you with the best possible advice in line with your strategic goals.

Real Estate

The world of real estate is changing fast. The way we construct, operate, invest in and use property has been transformed.

At Foot Anstey, we have the in-depth understanding to help you navigate this rapidly changing market.

Environmental issues

Climate change presents some of the toughest questions for business.

Our edge as environmental lawyers is our experience of feeding into policymaking in Parliament, government and local authorities.


Planning law is the gateway to property development. It’s the vital first step for building projects no matter what size.

Working with decision-makers at the key levels, we use our years of experience in planning law to seek out answers which work for you.

Property Litigation

The law governing property is constantly changing, creating the prospect of disputes which can prove costly in terms of lost opportunities, revenue and even reputation.

We can cover every type of property-related dispute, whether it’s over commercial or private property, or various different kinds of land, including agricultural, green belt and brownfield.

Our people

Our lawyers have experience of all kinds of development projects and can advise you on co-location, development funding, development structures, estate management, master planning options, overage and uplift, plot sales, accommodation programmes, renewable energy infrastructure and regeneration.