Risk – Motoring offences

With continued concerns about the health risks of using public transport and a continuing boom in the logistics industry, the number of road users and car journeys continues to grow.

With this growth has come increased risk, for employers and individuals alike. The desire for job applicants to hold a full UK driving licence has also never been more important and the risk (and implications) of an incident occurring will remain.

Whether you’re a fleet manager looking for advice and policy review, or an individual facing prosecution for a driving offence, we can help.

Our three stage process

We understand that the traffic incident process is a stressful one, no matter the angle you are involved from. We also know that as an employer there are a multitude of steps to consider in order to anticipate and prevent incidents. Our three-stage process to advising you ensures we are three at every step:


We keep on top of legal changes and developments for you, so we can anticipate and advise if the policies and procedures you have in place will need to change.


We have the capability to stress test, audit and review policies and procedures to ensure you comply with your legal duties and to help you decide what you need to do and reduce the risk of something going wrong before it does and avoiding prosecution.


If an incident does occur, we are able to look after you or your employees from beginning to end when navigating the police station and court process. Our broad white-collar fraud and regulatory practice means we have significant experience in the Crown Court as well as the Magistrates Court.

When you work with Foot Anstey, you can be certain that you're taking advice from a law firm with extensive experience in the road traffic sector.

From speeding offences to collisions, we can explain your legal obligations in plain language so that you know what to do there and then. Collaborative working across teams of other criminal and regulatory lawyers means that you get all your answers from one initial call or email.

How we help


We can advise Companies on the steps they need to take to reduce risk of prosecution, through policy and procedure advice and auditing


Using our experience, we are able to help drivers get the best outcome from a difficult situation and can represent drivers in the Magistrates / Crown Courts and in police station interviews


Our experts are able to advise on Appeals to the Crown Court or in the High Court

Health and Safety

As part of the cycle, we can work with you to undertake Root Cause Analysis, carry out  your own internal regulatory investigation and ensure that lessons are learned across the organization to reduce the risk of a repeat incident.

Our people

Our team can help you Anticipate, Prevent and Cure road traffic legal issues, providing a holistic package that addresses potential issues before they arise. We understand how daunting and stressful this process can be, and we’ll be here to offer personal support through every stage.

What clients say

"I have worked with Tim Williamson in health & safety cases. He has a strong footprint in this area, acting for a wide range of clients – especially sporting organisations – in regulatory and health and safety proceedings. Tim has a very easy manner with clients, is super-responsive to their needs, and has a very keen understanding of both their commercial and reputational concerns"

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