Environmental issues

The race is on.

Countries need to take action to stop irreversible damage to the environment. Governments have agreed to put that action into law. Everyone else now has to decide how they respond.

Climate change is of course the dominant issue. How do we heat and power buildings? How do we develop and manage land? How do we move people, goods and services around the globe?

Without a doubt, these are some of the toughest questions for business.

But as environmental lawyers our remit extends beyond climate change to the many other ways human activity affects the natural world – from waterways and forests, to fisheries and wildlife. And as the pace of environmental change races ahead, the evolution of environmental law accelerates too.

That’s why it’s getting harder to keep up. That’s why, as your environmental lawyers, our work cuts across every aspect of your business.

Why choose Foot Anstey

Our edge as environmental lawyers is our experience of feeding into policymaking in Parliament, government and local authorities. We can use that knowledge to guide you on current environment law and regulation.

Yet keeping you on the right side of regulation isn’t enough to get you ahead of the competition. It protects the share price, but doesn’t increase it.

So we don’t just help our clients to be compliant today. We make you resilient to changes in law and policy tomorrow. We can help you spot and make the right changes to ensure less disruption, greater efficiency and stand-out environmental credentials for your organisation.

If you find yourself on the back foot with changes in environmental law, let’s talk. We can push you two steps ahead.

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We work collaboratively within the firm and with our clients’ other professional advisers to bring in expertise from all areas of agricultural law, ensuring the best legal and commercial solutions are achieved every time.

Our people

We are a team of well-regarded and knowledgeable environmental lawyers. You can read more about the environmental legal services we provide on each of our profiles below: