Islamic Finance

UK Islamic finance is on the rise.

Islamic finance already attracts huge investment to the UK – investment which continues its upwards trajectory thanks to the UK’s progressive attitude toward shariah compliant structures.

Yet it’s still a developing market. There’s so much more to be done. And whether you’re an investor or a financial institution, there are legal and commercial pitfalls which you need to avoid.

To do that, you need more than lawyers who dabble in Islamic finance. You need the influencers and experts.

Why choose Foot Anstey

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of Islamic financial institutions and investors to do business in the UK. We can help you whether you are an experienced navigator or looking to invest in the UK for the first time.

We play an active role in developing the market for Islamic finance, working with financial institutions to deliver and implement Islamic retail products and with investors on innovative investment structures.

If you’re an institutional investor, you’ll find our knowledge and commercially-minded advice invaluable. With lawyers who have worked in-house for investment advisory firms, we know what you need from a law firm and how to deliver it.

We don’t just work with businesses though. We can advise you if you’re an individual looking to deploy capital or manage tax in the UK, drawing on the expertise of our UK and International Tax and Trusts team, supported by our network of international contacts, including in the Middle East and Asia.

It’s an exciting time for Islamic finance in the UK. We can help you be part of it.

International Succession and Tax

Managing and securing your private wealth can be complicated and when it comes to international matters, another layer of complexity is added. 

Our experienced, multi-lingual team is dedicated to providing specialist, high quality legal advice on international private wealth issues.


At Foot Anstey, we’ve invested in our team of finance experts. We hire, develop and retain lawyers with deep specialisms in specific areas of finance law – because we know you need and want more than a jack of all trades.

Private Equity

The private equity market in the UK continues to see record levels of activity. Funds continue to be raised, new investments made and exits realised.

Foot Anstey’s award-winning and highly commercial Private Equity team is focused on advising Private Equity backed portfolio companies and their management teams. 

Private Wealth

Every decision you make about your personal affairs has the potential to affect not only you and your assets, but to have wide-ranging consequences for your family and your employees.

We are able to truly offer you advice, over options and added-value, over added confusion and stress.

Real Estate

The world of real estate is changing fast. The way we construct, operate, invest in and use property has been transformed.

At Foot Anstey, we have the in-depth understanding to help you navigate this rapidly changing market.

Real Estate Finance

Profits, in Real Estate investment, are made at the margins. That means an effective response to acquisition or disposal opportunities must include a sharp eye for detail.

When you’re ready to move, our team is ready to back you.

Our people

We are a dedicated team of lawyers who specialise in Islamic Finance law. We can advise you on structures including Musharakah, Wakala, Ijarah, Murabaha and Sukuk as well as Hybrids and Funds. You can read our individual profiles to find out more about our specialisms and expertise.