Back to work? Navigating regulatory, people and reputational risks webinar

With the Government starting to ease coronavirus lockdown restrictions people who were not able to work from home are now being encouraged to go back to work. There will be some who are relieved that they are able to return but for many, both employers and employees, it is an anxious time to ensure workplaces are as safe as they can be.

Date & Time 22 May 2020 | Recording available

Location Online

Our webinar looked at some of these concerns and considered the guidance the Government has put in place including:

  • What do the Government mean by a "Covid Secure" workplace?
  • The role of employee consultation
  • What do I do if employees cannot work because of travel or childcare issues?
  • What do I do if employees refuse to work because they say they feel unsafe?
  • Do I have to provide PPE?
  • Do I have to publish my Risk Assessments on our website?
  • What is the likelihood of my business being sued by employees or prosecuted by the HSE?

Karen Bates and Nathan Peacey led the session providing useful insights and practical take away points for those with HR and People responsibilities to consider.

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