Meet Tara Walsh

Tara, our Client Solutions Lead, describes Foot Anstey as "exciting, diverse and agile" and in talking to her we can see these are attributes she fully embraces and utilises in her role.

What does your role involve?

My main objective is to help differentiate Foot Anstey in what we deliver to clients - keeping clients absolutely central to all initiatives. My role is two-fold. Firstly, it involves working with partners on issues identified with clients or working directly with clients to understand their needs. Secondly, it's looking at common themes across our client base to identify solutions that we can then look to build, productise and roll out.  For example, a recent project I've been involved with has been building a solution for a large telecoms company to deliver a time sensitive project which required a bespoke end-to-end solution, working closely with key partners and the client to deliver the project ahead of time and on budget.

What trends are you seeing in the market?

Innovation is such a buzzword in legal market at the moment, and with that comes a lot of hype. The industry is changing at a lightening pace and in response there is a rise in roles like mine. What's really encouraging is that we are seeing a lot of traction with our clients who are responding positively to what we are doing at Foot Anstey.

What do you value at Foot Anstey?

I really value the autonomy I have. In my role, there is no real precedent or case law to refer to so it really is an exciting Greenfield. Foot Anstey allow free reign to explore the options out there and for that I'm very grateful. We are breaking new ground at Foot Anstey, with impressive results and more importantly happy clients.

What does Powering Your Ambition mean to you?

It means going beyond solving problems, it's about stepping back from a problem to understand the bigger picture. This often results in finding a solution a client never knew they needed … in the process making us better advisors. For me, that's Powering Your Ambition.

What was your Plan B?

A futurist – I've always had a huge interest in how markets operate, consumer behaviour, and technology, so understanding and predicting what the future holds has always fascinated me.