Meet Nick Jones

Nick Jones, Digital Marketing Executive, has seen a lot of change within the firm since he joined nearly a decade ago and has played an important role in Enable Law’s (part of the Foot Anstey Group) digital journey. He shares his highlights from his career to date and tells us how he might use his sabbatical. 

What do you most enjoy about your role?

I really enjoy the strategic aspects of digital marketing, especially the ways that small efforts from individuals across the Enable Law team can result in significant progress for the whole business. The creative aspects like video planning and editing are also right up my street.

What sort of projects do you work on?

These days it’s a wide spectrum – there’s high-level strategic items like the overall plans for website content, editing and creating the resources we need to implement those plans, and the day-to-day aspects like managing the Enable Law website and social media.

What’s your career highlight to date?

Passing 10,000 visitors a month to the website. It came about following a project I’d designed to test the boundaries of the way we used our website content, and in the end was an incredible testament to the hard work of the team who pushed themselves to write articles that bought us more visitors than ever before.

How has the Enable Law brand evolved?

I think the growth of the Enable Law brand has been remarkable since we became our own entity in 2017. Starting from scratch with a brand will always bring challenges, but through the dedication and hard work of the team we’ve really made an impact in the sector, and I think that’s underlined by last year’s shortlisting for best Clinical Negligence team at the Personal Injury Awards, which was a first.

What do you value at Foot Anstey?

I think it has to be the people. I had to go and check my LinkedIn because I knew it was imminent, but in September I’ll have been here for ten years and I’ve made a lot of friends during that time, many of whom are still with the firm. If it wasn’t for Carol Harrison taking a chance on me in 2011 and making me a member of the record management team, who knows where I’d be now!

What will you do with your sabbatical next year? 

I’ve recently set myself the challenge of learning Norwegian, so depending on what the travel restrictions are by that time I might have to visit the fjords so I can test my skills. However, that probably does depend on whether I can get all the DIY done…