Alongside our clients we are keeping a close eye on unfolding events following the vote to leave the EU, to understand the implications of changes and help our clients navigate this journey and consider any risks or opportunities proactively and sensibly.

What's clear is that we are in a period of uncertainty and, despite much speculation, at this stage there are no clear answers on what's going to happen next. We've been listening to our clients and understanding their reactions to Brexit, so that we can understand the real implications as they see them for their businesses and develop a deeper insight into trends across industries and sectors. We will be translating this insight into practical and bespoke support for our clients going forward.

That said the immediate effects of this decision are being felt by communities and workplaces alike – creating cohesion and letting the world know that the UK is still open for business, both internally and as a key player in the global marketplace, have never been more important. At Foot Anstey we'll be doing what we can, working collaboratively with businesses and other organisations, to support these messages.

To help businesses and organisations contact us more easily in relation to these issues we have set up a dedicated email address - - or you can get in contact with any of our lawyers to discuss these issues in more depth.