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BROKMAN SamThis article was first published on the specialist journalism website Hold the Front Page, and is written by solicitor, Sam Brookman, in our Media and IP Litigation team. As we all know, S.4(2) of the Contempt of Court Act 1981 allows a Judge to postpone reporting of proceedings for as long as he or she deems necessary, in order to avoid a "substantial risk of serious prejudice to the administration of justice in those proceedings, or any other proceedings, pending or imminent".

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£1.8million fine for failing to protect workers from the risk of Legionnaires' disease

PERRY LizG4S Cash Solutions (UK) Limited has been fined £1.8m (reduced from £2.7m to account for its guilty plea) plus costs of £34k for failing to protect workers from the risk of Legionnaires’ disease.

In this article, regulatory specialist Liz Perry, highlights that the guidelines make it clear that it is the risk of harm which is important, although actual harm caused is also taken into consideration.

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This update is brought to you by Mark Rhys-Jones, partner and Rebecca Harries-Williams, associate in our dispute resolution team. 

There is currently an increasing appetite amongst businesses to resolve disputes on a pragmatic and negotiated basis rather than having to resort to formal dispute resolution processes such as Court action or arbitration. Such an approach is encouraged by the Courts and in most cases will make commercial sense – allowing businesses to focus on their future growth rather than being distracted by resolving historic issues.

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JAFFA TonyIs there now anyone in the country who does not know that Keith Vaz MP paid for the services of two male sex workers? Probably not, after his antics hit the headlines in spectacular fashion last week. Media partner Tony Jaffa, discusses in his column for specialist journalism website Hold The Front Page.

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This article is brought to you by Mark Rhys-Jones, partner, in our dispute resolution group and James Falle, partner in our commercial team and head of the firm's procurement, competition and state aid practice. 

It is perhaps not surprising, in light of the complexities of public contracts, that disputes will arise with contractors and that settlement options will be explored to try to resolve such disputes and allow performance of the contract to continue. 

VALEJoCompanies, charities and public sector organisations with responsibilities for data protection know that a breach of personal data security can get them in very hot water with the Information Commissioners office, the ICO.

In this article, solicitorJo Vale in our Media and IP Litigation team, explains why great care must be taken about how personal information is stores and shared. 

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Chanter Mark webMark Chanter a partner in the Private Wealth team dicusses how battles can be fought between separating couples about who keeps the family pets.

I recently had a client who consulted me about who would get the family dog in a divorce?  She and her husband had a massive row over this. She wanted to know her legal position.  She was very serious about the question and I gave the general reply I usually give about trying to negotiate a deal and the economics of pursing such a claim. This normally works but for her it was not enough, so I actually headed for the law books!

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Chanter Mark webMark Chanter, partner in our private wealth team highlights the importance of having a partnership agreement in place.

In farming, Partnership is a very common way of running a business and in lots of ways very flexible and suits generations of families really well. The document does not even have to be in writing to be effective, so why go to all the expense and trouble with lawyers to put it in writing?

I can tell you many reasons, some obvious, some less so. Firstly, if it is in writing, it is clear what the arrangements are. It is surprising how something as simple as this can cause argument and disputes which are readily resolved by looking at a written agreement.

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chris pritchettOn 29 July 2016 OFGEM published an open letter on charging arrangements for embedded generation. It has been known for some time that changes to embedded benefits are inevitable but this letter gives a clearer indication of OFGEM's key priorities for change. Chris Pritchettpartner and head of Foot Anstey's energy & renewables segment brings you the key messages.

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With consolidation in the IFA sector continuing apace, it has never been more important to have appropriate covenants in place with key advisers and other staff. This article sets out the key issues when considering restrictive covenants.

In this article, partner and financial services expert, Alan Hugheshighlights the importance of investing in legal advice at the outset to ensure that any restrictions are appropriately drafted and, in particular, are likely to be enforceable. This will minimise the potential for future problems and costly disputes to arise. 



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