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Katherine Willmott. resizeInheritance tax is a concern for many; one of the most common questions asked in relation to estate planning is: 'how can I preserve more of my estate for my family?'

In 2015 the government announced plans to reduce the inheritance tax burden on families in the UK through the creation of an additional nil-rate band for residential property. However, legislation surrounding the new scheme is complex and existing will arrangements can significantly impact the availability of the new allowance.

In this article Katherine Willmott, solicitor in our private wealth team gives a brief overview highlighting some key points to review in light of the new legislation.

Mark Rhys JonesDickon CourtDispute Resolution Update

This article is brought to you by Dickon Court, senior associate and Mark Rhys-Jones, partner, in our dispute resolution group.

Even if you win litigation, you can lose. Legal costs liabilities have always been a big deal, but recent court decisions on the concept of costs 'proportionality' have highlighted and magnified that problem.

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VALEJoIn this article, published on the specialist journalism website Hold the Front Page, solicitor Jo Vale in our Media and IP Litigation team, debates how will Brexit affect journalists and publishers?

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BROKMAN SamRemember the Weller privacy case? That's the privacy claim brought by Paul Weller against Associated Newspapers after photos of his children on a private family shopping trip in Santa Monica were published.

In this article, published on the specialist journalism website Hold the Front Page, solicitor Sam Brookman debates whether or not data protection could be the new privacy. 

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Female red dress HRFollowing the UK's decision to leave the European Union (EU), many employers will be concerned as to the potential implications for their business; EU directives have affected workers' rights for decades.

Any possible analysis of the future as far as EU derived employment law is concerned is speculation at this point. In this article, our employment and pensions team summarise the areas that are widely considered to be more susceptible to repeal than others. 

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Female red dress HRWelcome to our monthly legal news. In this edition, we give an update on the Fundraising Regulator, reputation managment when it comes to data protection and set out the six key principles in the Charity Commission's new CC20 guidance. 

We understand the many challenges ahead for charities, as a leading charity law team we come across them on a daily basis. For more information on our expertise, please continue to read more here or contact James Evans, partner, on +44 (0)1392 685243 or

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Joel Woolf webThis article by Joel Woolf, partner and head of the agriculture and rural business team, looks at what farming businesses should consider in light of the EU referendum result.

Only time will tell whether the country has made the right or wrong choice in voting to leave the EU on 23 June 2016, but the decision has been made. Many waking up this morning, myself included, will be asking what the result means for their business, their family, and themselves.

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JAFFA TonyThis article, written for Charity Finance Group by partner Tony Jaffa provides an update and some practical advice on how to prevent damage to your reputation as a result of failing to comply with data protection regulations.

It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation… and only one data breach to lose it. It is no secret that, in the current climate, every move a charity makes is being scrutinised by the media, and many others.

Female red dress HRWelcome to the June bulletin. Whilst all eyes will be on the referendum tomorrow, in the calm before any potential storm, we look back on the employment law developments for this month.

We also look at the future landscape for Data Protection in HR and whether this will be impacted by a potential Brexit.

17237015 This article is brought to you by Stuart Cleak, partner in our energy and renewables segment. On 7 June 2016, the Wales Bill 2016-17 was introduced to the House of Commons as a Bill with "accountability at its heart". Amongst other things, it will devolve extensive powers to the National Welsh Assembly regarding both hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") and renewable energy projects developed in Welsh territory.

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