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Following the result of the general election and the announcements in the Queen's speech at the opening of Parliament, we look at what the future potentially holds for employment law. We also focus on the legislative changes during May and, in particular, the ban on exclusivity clauses in zero hours contracts.

Welcome to the May 2015 edition of Competition Matters, a briefing which provides a quick overview of the latest developments in UK and EU competition law and policy. 

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Hello and welcome to our Dispute Resolution bulletin which brings you practical legal updates together with industry-focused insights. We are a highly experienced commercial litigation team and experts in all aspects of disputes management and resolution. In all cases we work alongside our clients to identify and provide bespoke, pragmatic and cost-effective solutions.

Welcome to the May edition of our IP and Rights Management E-bulletin. In this edition we discuss the recent European Court decision regarding the similarity between Sky and Skype, how the General Election result will shape the IP and technology landscape, how major UK internet service providers must block 'popcorn time' apps and the negotiation of the settlement of IP claims.

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It is not uncommon for accountants and advisers to benefit from commission or introducer payments where they make referrals to other service providers.

Hello and welcome to the Spring edition of the agriculture bulletin. After a short break, we have returned with practical legal updates, together with industry-focused insights, from our highly experienced team of experts across all aspects of agriculture, farming and rural business.

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The milk contract is at the heart of the dairy farmer's business. It is true that the individual farmer will have little ability to negotiate away from the standard terms of the processor, however, block negotiating can be a powerful force, but the group has to be large enough for it. Co-operation plays a strong part; nevertheless, the milk contract is worth vast amounts of money. No-one would dream of buying a house for £250,000 without a survey and a lawyer looking at the property. Why then do farmers still not take even simple advice confirming the meaning and effect of the document that provides their overall livelihood, either before entering into it, or at relevant points over time? In this article, Joel Woolf, partner and head of the agriculture and rural business team at Foot Anstey, explains why it is important to review milk contracts in detail.

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On 28 April 2015, the Court of Appeal handed down its judgment in the case of Department for Energy and Climate Change v Breyer Group plc and other. The decision has been hailed by the solar industry as the Court of Appeal confirmed that the Government's 2011 consultation proposal to cut feed-in tariffs retrospectively and with  short notice was in breach of the solar developers' right to peaceful enjoyment of their possessions under the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR).

There has been continuous strong demand for real estate in the UK. We have seen unrelenting interest in areas of London and notable escalating attention being given to the regional markets outside of London, including areas such as Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol.

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The UK has one of the most advanced Islamic financial markets in the Western world and has the largest Islamic banking sector outside the Middle East and Asia.

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