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The St Ives' draft neighbourhood plan has recently featured in the local and national press. The draft plan proposes to restrict all new homes in the St Ives area either to being affordable housing available only to people with a local connection or to open market housing available only to people occupying them as their principal private residence. It is this proposal that has proved controversial with the Planning Minister Brandon Lewis reported as saying 'trying to impose state bans on who can own property is totally inappropriate'.

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It will have been hard to avoid the plethora of commentary about the sentencing and naming of William Cornick, since his court appearance on November 3.

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Welcome to the November edition of our IP and Rights Management E-bulletin. In this edition we highlight some of the recent changes to IP legislation, summarise the EU's new approach to tackling IP infringement and look at new technology in the world of advertising.

Just like the unseasonably mild weather we have been having, the world of pensions can be almost as unpredictable. However, as sure as Autumn will soon be Winter, a constantly changing pensions landscape also seems to be guaranteed.

Foot Anstey has represented the defendant bank in the Court of Appeal in the high profile reported case of Tidal Energy Limited v Bank of Scotland plc.

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In our October bulletin we announced that the EAT would be publishing a decision on overtime and holiday pay. That decision has now been published and here are our views on what practical steps you should now be taking as employers.

Anyone who has a specific asset they would like to protect – whether it is an inheritance, family business, farm or personal injury award – may want to explore the use of nuptial agreements as a means of protecting and preserving that asset in the event of the breakdown of a marriage. For couples who don’t intend to marry, they may need to consider a cohabitation agreement to offer a similar type of protection.

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Welcome to Competition Matters, a briefing which provides a quick overview of the latest developments in UK and EU competition law and policy.

Welcome to the October bulletin – it's been an usually warm start to the Autumn season and to match this, the employment law scene is also warming up. We are expecting the decision from the EAT in respect of the Holiday Pay / Overtime cases on 31st October and as soon as this is delivered, we will share this with you via a newsflash. What has been released this week is that 300 group claims concerning holiday pay are going through ACAS early conciliation. Also, the Lock v British Gas case, which has been remitted back to Leicester ET to interpret the ECJ's findings, was due to be heard this week. However, this has now been postponed until February 2015.

You know a legal issue is important if the absence anything happening gets your lawyer excited, and especially if the same lawyer writes about that issue for a third time in as many months.

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