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SINGFIELD PeterProtecting your brand and Intellectual Property (IP) is an important consideration for every type and size of business. Securing ownership of core IP can often be overlooked and failure to do so can result in lost opportunities, or in some cases, infringement by third parties.

In this article, partner Peter Singfield, looks at the potential changes a 'Brexit' could cause in relation to IP rights and protection.

Female red dress HRWelcome to the April bulletin where we summarise the main developments from the last month.

Our "in brief" note sets out recent case law, legislation and consultations to keep you up to speed. We also focus on two recent EAT decisions, one which highlights the risks of contacting an employee during sickness absence and another case which found that an employer was fair to dismiss an employee where it reasonably believed he had no right to work in the UK.

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SPENSLEY EloiseA judgment handed down last month by Mr Justice Arnold in the High Court has clarified the circumstances in which the defence of fair dealing for the purpose of reporting current events can be successfully argued. Specifically, this case concerned short video excerpts taken from earlier broadcasted material.

In this article,  published on the specialist journalism website Hold the Front Page, Eloise Spensley, Trainee Chartered Legal Executive, explains why the rules and exceptions concerning copyright are often difficult to comply with as much of the law is based on judgment.

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BROKMAN SamThe Angela Wrightson case has not been far from the headlines in the last few weeks. Two teenage girls, both now 15 years old, have been convicted and sentenced for her brutal murder.

In this article, published on the specialist journalism website Hold the Front Page, solicitor Sam Brookman discusses why whether the decision in the current case is right or wrong, it is frustrating from a media point of view because there is lack of continuity between cases and an unwanted curtailment of freedom of expression.

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PARKES NeilAccording to the opinion of Advocate General Wathelet, the posting of a hyperlink to a website containing infringing Playboy photos does not in itself constitute a copyright infringement.

The case, which concerns a website operated by GS Media providing a link to unauthorised Playboy photographs published on a third party site without permission, is a referral from Hoge Raad der Nederlanden (Supreme Court of the Netherlands).

In this article, media partner Neil Parkes discusses why the motivation of the person who placed the hyperlink and the fact that this person knew or should have known that the initial communication of the photos on other sites was not authorised, is not relevant.

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BROKMAN SamYou will not have failed to see the recent coverage of the conviction of two young teenage girls for the brutal murder of Angela Wrightson, and the subsequent handing down of life sentences.

In this article, published on the specialist journalism website Hold the Front Page, solicitor Sam Brookman, looks at why any restriction on the media’s right to disseminate its fair, accurate and reasonable coverage of criminal proceedings is worrying, and should be resisted.

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VALE Jo VLast week, the Supreme Court refused to grant the Mirror Group permission to appeal against the damages it must pay to eight phone hacking victims. The judgment is important because it has implications far beyond phone hacking. It is a marker of the growing importance of privacy law for all publishers, both national and regional.

In this article,  published on the specialist journalism website Hold the Front Page, Vale, solicitor, explains why these cases are important reminders that privacy will become a more significant issue for editors and time goes on and case law builds up.

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Female red dress HRWelcome to the March bulletin where we summarise the main developments from the last month and look ahead to the key changes for April. Our "in brief" note sets out recent case law, legislation and consultations to keep you up to speed.

We also focus on the recent EAT decision on providing childcare vouchers during maternity leave and summarise the headline employment and pensions points for employers from the Budget. In addition, this month's bulletin includes a survey to get your views on whether the Government's free "Fit for Work" scheme has helped employers manage employees on long-term sick leave since its introduction six months ago.


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Female red dress HRWelcome to our monthly legal news. In this edition, we look at the social housing reform, the provision of The Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Act 2016 and the new PSC register. 

We understand the many challenges ahead for charities, as a leading charity law team we come across them on a daily basis. For more information on our expertise, please continue to read more here or contact James Evans, partner, on +44 (0)1392 685243 or


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Lucy GillThe law states that transfers of property in England and Wales are required to be in writing. However more and more, the Courts will uphold claims for property interests on the basis of verbal or written assurances by one party to another. This type of claim is known as 'proprietary estoppel' because once all of the grounds for the claim are established, the property owner is 'estopped' from going back on the promises or assurances they have made.

Lucy Gill, senior associate in our legacy and trust disputes team, looks how two cases put this law into practice.




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