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Joel Woolf webThis article by Joel Woolf, partner and head of the agriculture and rural business team, looks at what farming businesses should consider in light of the EU referendum result.

Only time will tell whether the country has made the right or wrong choice in voting to leave the EU on 23 June 2016, but the decision has been made. Many waking up this morning, myself included, will be asking what the result means for their business, their family, and themselves.

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JAFFA TonyThis article, written for Charity Finance Group by partner Tony Jaffa provides an update and some practical advice on how to prevent damage to your reputation as a result of failing to comply with data protection regulations.

It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation… and only one data breach to lose it. It is no secret that, in the current climate, every move a charity makes is being scrutinised by the media, and many others.

Female red dress HRWelcome to the June bulletin. Whilst all eyes will be on the referendum tomorrow, in the calm before any potential storm, we look back on the employment law developments for this month.

We also look at the future landscape for Data Protection in HR and whether this will be impacted by a potential Brexit.

17237015 This article is brought to you by Stuart Cleak, partner in our energy and renewables segment. On 7 June 2016, the Wales Bill 2016-17 was introduced to the House of Commons as a Bill with "accountability at its heart". Amongst other things, it will devolve extensive powers to the National Welsh Assembly regarding both hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") and renewable energy projects developed in Welsh territory.

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VALE Jo VThis article was first published on the specialist journalism website Hold the Front Page, and is brought to you by Jo Vale, solicitor, editorial and regulatory media team. Crime reporters are well aware that reporting restrictions in the criminal courts are a minefield. Some restrictions are automatic, some are discretionary, others are inconveniently dotted around a myriad different Acts and regulations and some hide in unexpected places waiting to trip you up, (for example the Education Act).

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rebecca harries williamsThis update is brought to you by Rebecca Harries-Williams, associate in our dispute resolution team. 

A recent Court of Appeal decision (Reveille Independent LLC v Anotech International (UK) Ltd) has highlighted the risk that an unsigned agreement may still bind parties, albeit unintentionally, even where the parties agreed that the agreement must be signed by both of them to take contractual effect.

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Female red dress HRWelcome to our monthly legal news. In this edition, we look the new Charities Act timetable, guidance published by the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association on Local Government Pension Schemes and discuss vicarious liability and when a charity can be held liable. 

We understand the many challenges ahead for charities, as a leading charity law team we come across them on a daily basis. For more information on our expertise, please continue to read more here or contact James Evans, partner, on +44 (0)1392 685243 or

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Female red dress HRWelcome to the May bulletin where we summarise the main developments from the last month.

In particular, our "in brief" article highlights anticipated changes in employment law that employers should be prepared for arising from the Trade Union Act, the Immigration Act and the Enterprise Act. We summarise a recent decision which further loosens the link required to be established between an employee's misconduct and their disability to bring a discrimination arising from disability claim.

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SPENSLEY EloiseIn this article,  published on the specialist journalism website Hold the Front Page, Eloise Spensley, Trainee Chartered Legal Executive, explains that whatever your thoughts on the PJS saga, one thing is for certain; the case has sparked a huge debate on the validity of injunctive relief in the modern digital age.

Along with the tabloid editors and a significant proportion of the legal profession, I waited with bated breath on Thursday morning to learn the decision of the Supreme Court concerning the much discussed PJS injunction. As I watched, I couldn’t help but wonder if, whatever the outcome may be, this was to be the end of the privacy injunction as we've known it. And if so, what would this mean for the regional press?

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KINGABY NicolaThis article is brought to you by Nicola Kingaby, senior associate in our commercial team.

Whatever your favourite sport, it’s the uncertainty of the result that makes it interesting, exciting, worth watching, be it from the terraces, court side or from in front of the TV.




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