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Welcome to the June edition of our IP and Rights Management E-bulletin. In this edition we discuss a recent High Court ruling regarding private copying, the recent European Court of Justice decision regarding the distribution of copyright, statistical results that have caused the European Commission to propose an overhaul of copyright laws in their strategy for a Digital Single Market, the High Court's ruling that certain Internet Service Providers must block individuals access to download eBooks and Lego's successful defence of it's 3D Community Trade Mark for the lego man.

Two government announcements last week combine to make the prospects for new onshore wind developments significantly less encouraging.

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Succession planning is important and relevant to all businesses.

The issues around succession are particularly important in agriculture. For tenants of agricultural holdings, ensuring the farm can be passed on to the next generation is likely to be hugely important, particularly when it is the family home. For landlords, Agricultural Holdings Act tenancies can tie up an asset and depress its value for many decades. There are also important tax issues to consider on both sides, particularly from a landlord's perspective with inheritance tax planning and the availability of Agricultural Property Relief.

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Fara Mohammed, director of Islamic finance at Foot Anstey, examines the Tahawwut Master Agreement and Mubadalatul Arbaah templates, and suggests that it may take some time before Islamic financial institutions are able to fully integrate the new framework into their own agreements and structures.

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Cross-border financing is set to grow in the GCC as the project sector continues to develop and the demand for infrastructure escalates significantly.

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The volume for Shariah compliant financing has reached its lowest since 2006 as borrowers are encouraged by financial institutions to explore alternatives available in the capital markets sector, in particular Sukuk, which are becoming increasingly more acceptable and competitive in the international market.

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Amidst tough competition in the market, it is important for the Islamic finance industry to carry on striving, financially and strategically, to enhance the positioning of Shariah compliant cross-border financing as an advantageous choice. This is essential to strengthen international industry connectivity and to allow for further growth of the Islamic finance industry. The Middle East remains a forefront market player.

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Fara Mohammad, director of Islamic finance at Foot Anstey has commented on the burgeoning Islamic finance sector in the UK. 

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Welcome to the second edition of our Technology E-bulletin.

In this edition we discuss the top ten questions you should consider before purchasing cloud services, the recent European Commission proposals around a single digital market strategy for Europe and advice on how to protect your business from cyber threats.

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Welcome to this month's Charities news.

In this edition we look at the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Bill, legacy income on the rise, the importance of clarity in funding arrangements and EU membership and the voluntary sector.